K.Rajendra Prasad K.Rajendra Prasad

Chief Executive Officer


Kalavathi Kalavathi

Woman Field Associate


K.Ganesh K.Ganesh

Program Director


The organisation seeks to achieve its vision through the following: 

Support stakeholders through participatory actions that promote social well-being and social transformation

Enable communities to envision their needs and facilitate capacities, skills and action for change 

Enhance convergence for sustainable interventions to conserve, protect, and manage natural resources 

Kindle, pilot and share new concepts and approaches through meaningful partnerships that bring out innovative ways of achieving sustainable development


Social, Economic and Environmental fairness for all


Just like the pipet enables one to drop the right quantity of component for a successful scientific experiment, Sree Jnanodaya believes that the right values are the crux for any successful attempt at development. The core values of the organization are: 

 Participation 

 Integrity 

 Professionalism 

 Equality 

 Transparency

The organisation places emphasis on working in drought prone and resource poor areas, where it is imminent to address the complex and interwoven fabric of social, economic and environmental concerns in an inclusive manner. Hence, the organisation works along with communities to plan and implement development projects which they perceive are important and where there is a need to make a difference. 

In addition, the organisation considers that innovative approaches, new concepts and learning from experiences are significant inputs to evolve and grow. Hence the organisation also takes up piloting new concepts, research, monitoring, evaluation, learning and documentation projects. To achieve its vision, the organisation primarily works with marginalised farmers, women, community based organisations, functionaries of local governments (Gram Panchayats), state government, private foundations and like-minded organisations.



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