1. Impacted 2.25 Lakh population 

2. Organisational capacities enhanced in 143 Gram Panchayats in Kolar, Chikballapur and Tumkur districts of Karnataka and Bhilwara, Rajasthan and Keonjhar, Odissa

3.Considerable improvement in drinking water supply, sanitation, street light, education, health, Nutrition, Resource leveraging Livelihoods and skill building in 625 villages across 79 Gram Panchayaths in Karnataka

4. Handholding support provided to improve Quality of education, Early child education, RCH, women empowerment and skill training for women to Ford-Amazon project in Bangalore Rural district

5. Students experiential learning - soils, rural crafts, agriculture operations and cultures for 80 students of Saandeepani Academy, Bangalore

6. Strengthened 201standing committees of Gram Panchayaths

7. Strengthened 301 sub committees like Village Water and Sanitation committees, Schools Development and Monitoring committees, Bio diversity committees and Food security committees in Gram Panchayaths

8. Gram Panchayath Development Plans (GPDP) prepared for 18 GPs of Bangalore rural and Chickballapur districts

9. Capacity building & Handholding support to 491 SHGs in across Karnataka

10.Trained 1591 SHG members/women of 618 SHGs on Grama Sabha in 51 Gram Panchayats of Kolar and Chickballapur district

11. Conducted Kala Jatha on Sanitation in the Town Municipality area of Gudibande, Chickballapur district

12. Extended financial support to 16 students to pay school fee and purchase books

13. Capacity building of 4 Community led federations for commons development

14. Capacity building of 3 SHG model federations in Tumkuru, Uttarakhand and Gadag district in Karnataka

15. Generated awareness on COVID19 through mobile calls to 4000 families in 24 Gram Panchayaths of 236 villages 

16. Distributed 4600 Masks, 2300 Soaps and 250 Hand sanitizers to 1150 families 

17.Ration kits supplied to 1150 families in Siddlghatta Taluk in Chickballapur and Bangarpet Taluk of Kolar districts

18. Jnanodaya with the Health Department, in Bangarpet Taluk, Kolar district, Karnataka led to the vaccination coverage of 61,051 both 1st and 2nd doses in the villages where rampant hesitancy for COVID vaccination was existed.


1. Skill building for 900 rural women entrepreneurs in Koppal and Gadag districts of Karnataka

2. Promoted 600 entrepreneurs in Koppal and Gadag districts of Karnataka.

3. Mobilised Rs. 42 lakhs bank loan support for SHG members/entrepreneurs

4. Job placement for 131 youths in Kolar district, Karnataka with the support of Mandamus

5. Promoted small enterprises like provisions stores, sheep rearing, tailoring and poultry for 1500 Households in Chamaraj Nagar, Vijayapura, Kalaburagi, Yadagiri, Koppal, Gadag, Davanagere, Bidar, Chickballapur, Kolar and Tumkur in Karnataka

6. Team Jnanodaya provided field assistance to conduct Heritage study in Banashankari, Pattadakalu, Badami, Ilkal and Banavasi to develop DPRs for economic development of the local entrepreneurs. 

7. 625 poorer families up to INR 15.00 lakhs were supported under the support of Target corporation for livelihoods Sheep/goat rearing, vegetables vending, Garments business, Tailoring and vegetable cultivation and also for setting up petty shops 2.25 Lakh  population 


1. MELD for 69 sub watershed in IWMP watershed as field facilitation organisation with TERI, Bangalore

2. Promoted solar lighting for 600 households

3.  Conducted energy survey in 42 households for LPG

4. Facilitated construction of 5000 toilets 

5. 10500 toilets made to use, a move towards ODF 

6. MELD in 9 Sub watershed (Tumkur, Davanagere, Chamarajanagar, Bijapur, Kalburgi, Bidar, Yadagiri, Koppal and Gadag in Sujala -03 project as field facilitation organization with TERI, Bangalore. Jnanodaya successfully undertaken this work for two years. 

7. IEC in solar pumps project along with SEI Tejas Pvt Ltd for Surya Raitha project in Kanakapura Taluk, Bangalore Rural district

8. IWMP-03 watershed evaluation in 9 Sub watershed done as per the request of Joint Director of Agriculture, Chickballapur, Karnataka

9. Assisted 100 Gram Panchayats to plan for Soil and water conservation activities under NREGA

10. 6 Borewell recharges in Kolar and Chickballapur district with the support of Udhavam, Pune

11. Thematic study on “Impact of Sujala-III in Institutional strengthening in terms of capacity building partners through training for CBOs, Partners and infrastructure developed for Land Resource Inventory (LRI) under project. 

12. 350 Tree plantation near SHG members houses